This training is a collaboration between Mette Harr Støre, Claudia Menger og Cathrine Mathiesen.

Yoga was created by men and for men, thousands of years ago, but today around 75% of yoga practitioners are women. In feminine yoga, we adapt the practice to the female anatomy and physiology, as well as the menstrual cycle, and we weave in feminine elements such as ceremony, rituals, feminism, activism, and the rites of passage that define womanhood. We explore breaking down established yoga structures to get to the essence of what can truly be a feminine practice.

Feminine yoga is a flexible, attentive and nurturing practice suitable for women in all kinds of bodies and in all stages of life. At the heart of this practice is the focus on soft, organic movements, the power of divine rest, descending energy and connection to the Earth, the inner and outer cycle: menstrual cycle and the Moon, community, sisterhood, acceptance, self-care and joy.

In this training, you’ll learn how to establish your feminine self practice and how to create feminine group yoga classes and gatherings. You will be presented with the depth and richness of a feminine yoga repertoire of practices, and will learn how to use the variety of asana, sequences, breathing techniques, meditations, rituals, sound, mantras and more to create the balance of energy that yourself, your students and the world needs. You don’t have to be a practicing yoga teacher to join the course: this is for everyone with a strong interest in the feminine.

5 pillars of this training

Theory and Practice of Feminine YogaThe practice of feminine yoga
We will look into the history of yoga through a feminine perspective, and how yoga can become a radical act of self-care and a feminist tool. We will look into how we need to adjust and adapt traditional yoga asana to better suit female anatomy and cycle, and explore feminine poses, movement, flow and sequencing.

Female anatomy and physiology, and the menstrual cycle
We learn how we can harness our menstrual cycle and the moon cycle to inspire our yoga practice, as well as how to adapt the practice to the female body. You will learn poses, flows and sequences for all phases of the menstrual cycle. Osteopath and women’s health expert Mona Valstad Elsness joins us here.

Rites of passage and life’s transitions
From our first menstruation to pregnancy and postpartum, and until our last bleed: how can we celebrate and honor the rites of passage through our yoga practice? We will brief us on how we as sisters can support each other through these important changes in a woman’s life.

The sacred feminine – devotion, rituals and ceremony
We’ll explore the rise of the sacred feminine through the story of Shiva and Shakti and the wisdom of the Goddesses. Devotion through rituals, the use of voice and sound, mantras and prayers will be introduced, and how you can add these practices into your daily life. We will also introduce you to how to hold a ceremony in a women’s circle.

Community and sisterhood
We are here to explore together and learn from each other. The magic of the circle opens for sharing, support, community and sisterhood. We want to welcome all women that feel the call to join this movement, regardless of your age, color and background. The circle of women will show its richness including our uniqueness and diversity of experiences. We welcome the wholeness that you are!

The first ever Feminine Yoga Training in Norway was beautifully completed 8th-12th March 2023. Stay tuned for the next!

Details of dates, price, location and programme will be released at a later date.

Please email to register interest.